I wonder…

…if I should start making things up to spice up my LJ.

My life seems so stable and dull relative to other people’s. Maybe I should
add some virtual angst to make it more of an interesting read?

I think I’m just comfortably in one of the Universe’s back waters, gently
rotating in the eddie behind a rock as the gushing flood thunders by taking
other people’s lives with it. In that way I think I’m blessed and lucky.

That Monday morning feeling.

Monday morning. I’m feeling tired and not ready for the week ahead. I’m sure
I wouldn’t feel this way if things had gone differently last night…

The weekend, on the whole, was quiet but I managed to keep myself reasonably
entertained by just tinkering. Saturday saw me buying a replacement CPU heatsink
for my “big” computer because the old one was so noisey that I couldn’t stand
it after a while. This had come to a head on Friday when I was using the
machine to work from home and the whine from the CPU fan was driving me nuts!

The new heatsink (a Global Win TAK58) isn’t quite as good at cooling the
CPU (the temperatures are a couple of degrees C higher than with the old
unit) but it is as quiet as a mouse, or quieter as it doesn’t squeak. The
main noise from the PC now comes from the two big fans in the back, the PSU
fan and the other one I put in to improve case cooling. It’s a low pitched
white noise which is acceptable and most of that is actually coming from
the power supply fan.

Anyway, back to the weekend. Saturday night was involved with trying to get
the Linux side of things to use power management better so as to keep the
CPU as cool as possible and testing out what the maximum and normal temperatures
I was getting with the new heatsink.

Sunday morning was spent in bed ’til 10:30, listening to Radio 4’s Broadcasting
House programme instead of “Breakfast with Frost” on the telly as that was
just getting plain boring. Various householdy things were done after getting
up, followed by lunch and the weekend talk to my parents on the phone.

Most of the afternoon was spent tinkering with power settings whilst watching
the “Dune” mini-series on Sci-Fi Channel. After this came the World Rally
Championship and Time Team on Channel 4.  Now, this is where things
started going down hill. I had planned to watch “Bremner, Bird and Fortune”,
the satirical comedy programme at 8pm, however, a phone call from Rob Newson
put pay to this as he wanted advice on building a Linux 2.2.23 kernel on
his machine. 2.5 hours later, having gone through a step by step configuration
of every option over the phone with him he had a working machine. The one
personal item of news I gained from the whole phone call was that he was
“off to visit people over February, so expect lots of phone calls asking
about Linnux things in March.”

Anyway, by now it was gone 9pm. I flopped down in the chair after the mamoth phone call.

After watching the BBC news at 10pm I went to bed feeling drained. I can’t
see how call centre people manage. Doing technical support on the phone is
tiring as hell. Anyway, 10:15pm, off to bed.

11:20pm.. *RING* *RING*, *RING* *RING* (the phone starts ringing).

It’s Lindsey. It’s nice to heard from her, but at this time of night I just
want to sleep. Still, it was an enjoyable phone conversation. I get back
to bed at about 12:10am. 12:30am *CLATTER**CLANG* a cat outside knocks something
over… so I finally get back to sleep.

At least it’s a lovely morning outside. The sun and moon are shining and the sky is mostly blue.