And so… it’s Tuesday.

night I went and saw the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers for a second time
with a bunch of friends. Before this, however, we went to a glorified pub
in Gloucester Green called the Goose to have food.

Well, let’s say I’ll not be going to that pub for food again. The “Smothered
Chicken” was expensive for a smallish dish of tomato sauce containing two
rashers of bacon and two of the the smallest bits of chicken you’ve ever
seen with a bit of melted cheese on the top. It was very much cuisine a la

Anyway, back to the main feature of the night, The Two Towers. On a second
viewing, trying to get the book out of my mind, it was a decent film though
the subject matter could have been done a whole lot better in a few ways.
eg. The Helm’s Deep battle could have been shortened to allow more of the
events leading up to it and the desparate rear-guard action to be shown.
Also, a lot of the Arwen parts were unnecessary at this point and detracted
from the flow of the film. (This is ignoring the plainly BAD idea of getting
elves to show up at Helm’s Deep as the elves still don’t trust or support
men at this point in any form other than support of the Rangers in the northern
lands. Oh, and where is Fanghorn forest?)

Unfortunately, I had sitting next to me a bunch of japanese teenagers who
chatted in japanese throughout the film and were generally annoying.

Well, after the film I got home at about 11:20pm but didn’t feel like sleeping
so I watched the episode of Star Trek: Enterprise I’d set my video to watch
for me earlier in the evening. It was a character based episode, ok as something
to watch but nothing worth watching again.

Once I got to bed at about a quarter past midnight I lay awake for a while,
still not sleepy. I’m not sure what time I got to sleep in the end.

So, now it’s morning. I’m in work. I feel sleepy. I think that says it all, really.