First day back at work.

Well, it’s the first day back at work.

So far it’s been surprisingly quiet. Just a couple of printer problems, nothing
which wouldn’t happen on a normal Monday. The only extra work necessary has
been the clearing out of  my mail inbox. I’ve yet to go through my spam
folder to see if there are any messages  which were mis-filed by spamassasin.

I’ve put out an e-mail to a number of local people asking if anyone would
like to join me in seeing the latest Harry Potter film at the end of the
week but have only so far got two replies. One said that they’d already seen
the film and didn’t want to see it again and the other said possibly Friday
is he doesn’t have to do overtime. At least I got some replies.

The weather today is bl**dy freezing! My face got frozen cycling in and my
legs started to seize up by the end of the trip. How much of the leg problem
was due to the weather and how much was due to hardly using my legs for a
fortnight is hard to tell. I’m sure after about 4 weeks both my legs and
my girth will be back to the way they were before Christmas. (I put on about
1-1.5 belt notches around my waist over the fortnight!)

I’ve decided to put in more of an effort into getting a social life this
year by being a little more proactive and suggesting things to do to people
around here. How long I can fight against apathy is questionable, but at
least I’m going to make an effort.

Maybe I’ll even meet the love of my life.. though this is probably as likely
as Saddam Hussain inviting George “Dubya” Bush and Tony Blair to tea and
then asking them to run his country for him for a while so he can have a
nice holiday in Hawaii. (I’m sure Dubya would even then find a reason for
going to war, such as the evil way Saddam served the crumpets with the wrong
sort of butter or jam.)