I have a dream… or rather nightmare.

I have a rather bad scenario going around my head about World events at the moment which I really hope doesn’t play out.

After Trump and Steve Bannon engineer the fall of democracy and the rise of the life time President Trump behind the scenes they hatch a plan with Putin and Russia via their shared ideological thinker Aleksadr Dugin. They agree that Putin can have Europe, except the UK and Ireland, as that’s Trump’s ancestral home, and Trump/Bannon can have the Americas.

Simultaneously the USA and Russian Federation invade Canada and Eastern Europe respectively taking the World by surprise. The only nuclear capable nations other than the two major powers either can’t react or don’t want to. Britain’s “independent” arsenal is neutered by the USA automatically and joint strikes by the CIA and Russian special forces take out France’s systems. China looks on and starts to mobilise its defences.

Russia sweeps across Europe as the local forces are no match for Russia’s without American support. Similarly, Canada is soon subdued. Britain and Ireland stand alone, left only with pea shooters. The USA turns its attention to Mexico… The British Isles can wait… until they beg to be under the USA’s rule.

Meanwhile, China is not expansionist but increases its defences and influence in Africa.

A new World order is established.

Alarmist? Maybe. Possible? Who knows? Likely? Stranger things have happened in World affairs.

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