Hairy Porter and the Cupboard of Fibbs

Well, earlier I wrote that I was going to see the Harry Potter film in High Wycombe as it was probably the safest bet. So, I get to the cinema complex with plenty of time to spare and try to buy a ticket… no-go! The showing was full.

I now have one more chance to see the film tonight, 19:45 at the Magdalen Road cinema in Oxford. I’ve checked the web to see if there are tickets available and there are at the moment. So, I think I’ll leave home at 7pm, which means I should be at the cinema by about 25 past. If I don’t get in then I’m going to give up and wait until it comes on the telly in three years time.

Interesting times?

Yopu know I said I’d say if anything interesting happened in my life. Well, be careful for what you wish for. This morning through the letter box flopped a letter calling me up for jury service on the 3rd March.

Well, that’s 2 weeks out of my life I have to give to the state and I’m not begrudging it that time. After all, it’s part of the contract between myself and society, so I’m going to take it as being an honour to serve.

I bet I’m going to annoy the hell out of all the other jurers who will be in those juries as I’m a stickler for fairness, searching all lines of possibilities given the data provided to make as sure as I can that I make the “correct” decision.

Anyway, on to other things. Last night was quite fun. After happy hour John, Kate, Paul (John’s friend) and myself went out for an italian meal and thence to a pub where John was to go salsa dancing. However, due to finanical logistics (there was an entrance fee) things didn’t turn out quite the way planned so Paul and myself went off to meet Sam at an out of the way pub in the city centre. I got home again at about midnight in the end.

This afternoon I’m (hopefully) finally going to get to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I’m not going to take any chances and go to the UCI multiplex at High Wycombe for the 4pm showing. Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong this time.