White (or rather blue) van man damage.

It’s not been a good week for my car. Sometime on Wednesday, whilst it was sitting on my drive, a good 10ft (3m) from the entrance it was hit by another vehicle. It was little more than a rub but it has caused some paint damage and also subtle denting to the rear, driver’s side wheel arch and passenger door. This is a right pain.

From the paint left behind from the other vehicle and the other evidence it looks like it was a dark blue (the same sort of colour as “Home Delivery Network” use on their vans) and the height of the bumper was that of a van. From the angle of the impact it seems that the vehicle was using the wide driveway as a turning place.

The worst thing about it all is that he/she didn’t stop and leave their details. Still, it’s definitely not worth claiming on the insurance as for the next five years I’d be paying far more than any potential repair cost, even though there is no way that it could have been my fault. Such is the way that insurance companies gauge risk.

As I said, what a pain.