Well, I’ve not been bothering to update this in quite a while. Call it apathy or merely laziness.

So, what have I been doing?

Well, I went on my Easter hols down to Cornwall for a start. Seeing as Easter this year was about a month earlier than it has been for the last few years it wasn’t surprising that the weather thought it was still winter. Hence, I managed to get out for only one decent walk. This, of course, meant that I was totally unfit by the time it came to cycle into work on the Monday after the holiday ended.

The Tuesday after I got back, at morning coffee, the two sets of muscles either side of my spine at the back of my rib cage decided that they didn’t like me and went into total spasm when I reached for the milk bottle. I dived for the floor in agony and, about one and a half hours later, I managed to get up again, after the arrival of an ambulance (as someone had called 999 ‘cos they couldn’t find the non-emergency number) and the application of anesthetic gas. Once I was sitting on a chair the muscles reasonably quickly relaxed again. Still, the Dept. sent me home in a taxi. Not the best way of getting an afternoon off. By teatime I could hardly tell anything had happened. The muscles were merely slightly stiff from over-use.

Last week I got a new telly. I’ve gone all high definition.. well at least the TV is capable of it. It’s a Panasonic plasma and is very-very nice. The display is far better than my old 32″ Thomson CRT, which is now in my bedroom. Having got used to the plasma I find it very hard to watch the CRT as I can see the scan lines, even from 10ft away. The image just looks stripey.

To complement the FullHD screen I also bought a Playstation 3 to act as a Blu-ray disc player. Well, you have to, don’t you? 🙂 Seeing as dedicated Blu-ray players now cost the same prices as the 40GB PS3 it’s not really worth buying them, especially as the current models can’t be upgraded to the version 2.0 Blu-ray specification, which the PS3 already supports, and the PS3 plays games as well.

Well, that’s about it, really, other than last Friday I spent a rather night evening meeting up with Grim and Holly in Reading and having a seafood dinner. Of course, Grim had a whole lobster all to himself! 🙂

The next social occasion on the calendar… Alec’s (no-longer a) surprise birthday party on the 27th. It’ll be nice to see Alec again. Our paths haven’t crossed in a good 18 months. It will also be good to meet up with others I’ve not seen in too long.