Photographic retrofit.

For those who found my wedding pictures web page too much to take (‘cos the pictures behind the thumbnails were too big) I’ve retrofitted intermediate pictures a quarter size behind the thumbnails so as to make the whole lot more convenient.

So, if the big picture was causing you to avoid taking a look, they can be found under the front page at

PS. I’ll get on to doing the same thing to the stag do pictures in a little bit.

The end of the day.

Well, I managed to get all the jobs I had planned to do done except washing the car. I also took a trip down to PC World to see if they had any heat sink compound so I could upgrade my old server with my big machine’s old motherboard, memory and processor, but, of course, they didn’t. Indeed, both dispenser rails for thermal compound were empty. They had a lot of expensive junk though.

Late afternoon the sun came out. This lifted my spirits no end. There’s nothing like a dull, grey and drab world to make me feel really down. Sunshine definitely helps.

Anyway, this evening I’ve kept myself busy making a CD full of the pictures I took for the wedding last week so i can give it to John and Katie. I’ve still not found out from them if there are any they’d like as hard copy.


It’s half way through Sunday morning already. Well, actually there’s only just over an hour left. It’s dull outside and there’s nothing to enthuse about at all.

I almost forgot that the clocks went forward this morning. Well, actually, dispite remembering right up until yesterday I had forgotten. It was only when I truned on the telly at what I thought was just before 8am to watch the weather forecast that I realised my mistake.

I blame my memory wipe on a tedious evening last night trying to think of things to do or watch on telly. There was nothing on at all so relied upon VH1 for company. The 80’s no.1’s countdown was mind wiping.

So far today, then, I have listend to Broadcasting House, eaten four Sainsbury’s crussants and set all the clocks in the house to the correct timezone. My plans for the rest of the day include such exciting things as clearing up the house, washing the car and clipping the hedge at the front.

Some weekends can be extremely tedious, especially if there’s nothing much to look forward to in terms of coming social events. Other than my escape down to Cornwall for a couple of weeks starting next Saturday I have no plans for anything at all.

And so, it begins.

This morning’s been a drab, grey morning. Drizzly at times.

I popped into town to pay my credit card bill and then wandered into HMV, Virgin etc. to see what they had on offer.

Dispite Virgin having lots of DVDs in their 2 for £10 I couldn’t find two I thought worth paying £5 for. Again, there was very little on offer in HMV, other than the boxed set of Season 1 Babylon 5 at £24.99.

Now, quite often etc. will have this sort of thing even cheaper than sale prices in the shops, so I whipped out my Treo and had a browse there in the shop. Now, isn;t that high tech? It’s something Grim would be proud of. 😉

Anyway, the upshot was that HMV were still about £8 less than on the net, so I now have the DVDs.

Now, season 1 isn’t my most favourite one of Babylon 5. Indeed, I think my order of preference is 3, 4, 2, 1, 5 with 3 and 4 being almost as enjoyable. It’s just something about the way the back stories weave and the front stories being interesting also. Still, for the semi-reasonable price of £25 season 1’s a good buy.

Oh-kay….. :-/

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Weddings and things.

Well, I had a very enjoyable time yesterday at John and Katie’s wedding which took place in Christchurch College cathedral. This was dispite my cold deciding that it was going to mount a counter attack.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll like to see the pictures if for no other reason than to see the architecture.

As for the cold, it’s still clogging up my chest, causing all sorts of pops and things when I breath deeply, or indeed try to sing hymns. Not only this but my nose started running again. I’m sure it’s the exhertion caused by cycling against the wind on Friday which has re-invigorated the virual attack. If only the bus were a cheap and viable alternative to the bike, then I’d take that until I’d finially get rid of this disease.

Anyway, I spent today resting. Trying to get rid of this cough which has been exaserbated by yesterday’s celebrations.

Tomorrow evening I’m off to Reading to meet Grim, Holly and others for Grim’s pre-birthday dinner and cinema trip. I wonder if he’ll remember the laser printer he wants taken off his hands.

The long day.

Today’s going to be a long day.

It’s John and Katie’s wedding this afternoon but before then I have all the shopping to do, including getting some stuff from Matalan. I’ve already put the bread on, which should need retrieving from the bread maker at about 11:50.

I’ve made sure that all the batteries for both my cameras are now fully charged. The one thing I don’t want to happen during the “al fresco” photo shoot is to run out of power. My idea for this session is to take a huge number of pictures and then winnow out the chaff. This is helped by the 1GB microdrive in the Fuji and the 512MB secure digital card in the Canon.

Anyway, I’d better eat my breakfast, finish the washing up and then be off out.


After another night of little sleep, aching head, running nose, coughing and feeling awful I’m having another day off work.

When will this blasted cold give up?