Ah. Grasshopper. Learn the ways of CSS.

I thought it about time I learnt the full power of CSS after dabbling a little using on-line reference resources and guessing the rest. Not really the most efficient way to learn, especially when you’re not sure of the definitions of the terms being used.

Anyway, so I’ve bought a book. Maybe, after reading this I’ll be able to modify both the WordPress theme CSS but also make my home page a little bit more presentable as well.

So far it does look straight forward (well other than the Internet Explorer hacks).

Summer here?

Well, it seems as if Summer has arrived early. However, if the last three years are anything to go by, May will be the warmest month and so this IS the Summer. Make the most of it!

The kilts have been ordered.

Well, things are starting to go on a pace.

I’ve ordered four polyester-viscose black kilts from The Scottish Kilt Company along with a cheap sporran, sporran chain, belt, belt buckle and, most importantly, a kilt pin. We don’t want any fly-away kilt flaps do we? The whole lot setting me back about £230.

I’ve not quite reached that amount on my sponsorship site (http://www.justgiving.com/Stephen-Usher) but at £225 it’s only just short!

Anyway, that’s enough for tonight.

The blog site is now configured.

Well, after some advice from Alec Muffett I’ve got WordPress configured in a manner which is reasonable, so I can release it to the world.

I must admit that adding a WYSIWYG editor for posting has made the whole thing a far more pleasant experience.

There are a few things I thing I’ll change but on the whole the simple, minimalist theme I’ve chosen fits in well with the minimalist home page I have.

First Post

“And so it begins.” Immortal words.

I’ve set this blog up mostly so as to document my up-coming sponsored kilt wearing event.

First of all, I’ve got to work out a number of details such as modifying WordPress so as to make it look presentable. I’ve also got to order four kilts and the accessories such as a pin or two, sporan, sporan chain, belt etc.