Friday at last..

Well, I’ve made it through the week. Well, almost.

Due to someone not being here this afternoon I can’t get on witht he job I wanted to do so I’m feeling a bit bored.

The plans for the weekend are becoming firmer. I’m not, after all, going to see the Harry Potter film this evening as I’m going to go tomorrow afternoon/evening instead. However, this evening Paul will be popping around so I can give him the key to the dept. annex which I have been given by the dept. administrator to give to him so that he can move his stuff out of his current office and into a storeroom in the annex.

Tomorrow’s firmed up. The Computer fair is on this weekend so I should be able to go searching for CPU fans. I’ll then probably go shopping in Sainsbury’s as fast as possible and return home. Hopefully, this will be in time for me to wash the car before lunch. I’ve still got to discover the times at which the Harry Potter film is being shown so as to meet up with Paul to see it.

As for the rest of the weekend, well, it’s doing the washing, fitting the CPU fan (if I find one) and not a lot else. I may go out for a walk somewhere if the weather stays fine, though after all the rain recnetly I guess it’s goingto have to be some paved route.