If you’re interested, the previous entry arrived thrice due to proxy problems when I submitted it making me think it never got posted.. so I retried, twice.. I was wrong. Oh well.

Well, I’m back!

Well, I’ve mad it back from the wilds of Cornwall.

Tomorrow is the first day back at work after 2 weeks away so I’m wondering what the kiddies have broken whilst I’ve been away. Thankfully, all but two days of the holiday the dept. has officially been closed.

I’m glad BT didn’t turn off my ADSL line over the last two weeks.. I’ve heard horror stories of people having their ADSL turned off after only a few days when they’ve turned off their equipment to go away on holiday.

On other stuff.. I brought back from Cornwall lots of my old model railway rolling stock which had been stored in my parents’ loft. I can now put it in my loft here and possibly take some of it to show Graham & Christopher. No doubt he’ll enjoy seeing the APT/P (Advanced Passenger Train – Prototype) with its tilting coaches. 🙂

Seeing as I managed to see the Two Towers before Christmas I only have one film to still see at the moment, the latest Harry Potter one. I may try to see if anyone at work wants to go to see it. That’s if any of them haven’t seen it yet. (I’m not bothered about seeing the new Star Trek film. From all accounts it’s another naff rehash of the only Star Trek story ever written.)