Time for an update?

see.. I went to a Sun technology seminar thingy yesterday but can’t tell
you about it ‘cos of the NDA I signed. All I can say is that the Sun engineers
have a mexican food fixation.

Oh yes, and why do freebie t-shirts only come in extra large when the majority
of the population are in the range Small to Large? I had to give wawy the
freebie Sun t-shirt as I’m in the small size category and hence it would
be useless to me other than if I wanted it as a tent.

My other gripe is due to a letter I got from my morgage lender telling me
of their unilateral change to the conditions of my house insurance. The amended
terms rule out any loss due to any chemical or biological contamination by
anyone who did it deliberately or the government destroying things incase
they’re contaminated. OK.. so it’s more weazel words to make sure that they
never have to pay out, I can understand that. (Insurance is there for the
insurance company to make money, not for them to actually pay out for a loss.)
What amused me, however, was a sentence which was a quick summary of the
new rules which had appended a phrase stating that, of course, none of these
things were actually covered before anyway. Erm.. so, they’re amending the
rules to exclude something which was already excluded… so why did they
need the extra wording? Erm.. looks like someone’s trying to bullsh*t out
of responsibility, just incase.

Seeing as it’s a Friday, I might as well detail what I think my weekend plans
are going to be. Saturday includes getting a hair cut, going shopping and
hopefully getting to see the Harry Potter film. Sunday involves getting the
car washed. This is the total degree of planning so far.

If life gets at all interesting I’ll remember to tell you.