I’ve just got back from the dentist where I had three fillings replaced.

I now have a completely numb and paralysed lefthand side of the face and
a partly numb right-hand side. The left hand side is affecting my eyelid
now and starting to deaden my tongue.

I doubt I’ll be able to eat or drink anything tonight as although I can swallow I doubt I can keep anything inside my mouth.

Cartoon capers

morning, while eating my breakfast, I got bored with the BBC Breakfast News
program and changed over to CNX where “Batman of the Future” was on.

The evil characters this morning were a woman made of ink and a crime boss who was radioactive.

I cought myself thinking.. “How does she eat and drink?” and then stopped
myself… it’s only a flippin’ cartoon.. it’s not supposed to be logical!

Oops. 🙂