The iPhone 4 and Bluetooth keyboard… It works!

Well, I’ve been testing out the usability of a ThinkOutside Bluetooth keyboard which I bought originally to go with my Nokia N800 with the Apple iPhone 4.

Well, as you can see, it does actually work and works well.

If you add a proper keyboard to the high resolution of the iPhone 4’s display then it actually makes for a decent “on the go” blog updating device.

Well, it would if the WYSIWYG editor plug-in for WordPress would actually work within Safari, which it doesn’t. This means that you are forced to revert to the WordPress application and its insistence on the document being prepared in plain HTML. Not (non-technical) user friendly at all. (And a bit of a pain even if you are technically minded.)

By the way, to prove that it’s possible to do it, this article has been written entirely on the iPhone 4 + ThinkOutside keyboard combination.

Oh, and one very useful thing is that the “web application” key on the keyboard emulates the big button at the bottom of the iPhone.