Yes, it IS Wednesday today.

my sub-concious wanting it to be Thursday today (it’s going to be well disappointed
on Friday then when it’s forced to work what it thinks is a Saturday) things
are OK.

As usual, nothing exciting happening at work.

I’ve decided to go to see the latest Harry Potter film on Friday evening.
I only had two replies from the e-mail I sent out asking if anyone wanted
to come along. One was a flat, sorry, seen it and don’t want to again and
the other was a probably, but work may get in the way. So much for trying
to jumpstart the social life around here.

Looking forward to the weekend, I believe the computer fair is visiting Oxford
this Saturday. If it is I can pop in and see if I can pick up a new heatsink
and/or fan for my Celeron 300A processor sitting in my server. The poor thing
had the fan seize up the week before I came home so I’ve not been able to
switch it on since.

The rest of the weekend is pretty empty. I will try to get replacement pips
and joint for my kitchen sink to fit them properly. As it turns out, just
before I left for Christmas the waste pipe sort of became disjoint after
the glue broke in one of the fittings. You may wonder how this happened..
well , the fitter who installed the sink obviously cut the pipe about 1″
too short, so rammed the whole lot down until the flexing of the bottom of
the sink and the other joints made up the gap and then he glued the joint.

If the weather is half decent (which it looks as though it isn’t) I want
to wash my car down. It’s very mucky and got a lot of salt on it during the
journey back from Cornwall.