I spent much of the day experimenting with transporting an old LP to CD.

The upshot of this is that somehow during the digitisation process the music gets sped up by about 4%. I’m not sure if it’s a hardware sampling clock problem or a Windows timer problem or even a bug in Audacity.

Still, all the other parts of the process worked fine. That won’t help if I can’t record properly.

It was a day where I planned to do some audio recording but I never got around to it. Instead I talked with Leila on MSN both in the morning briefly in the afternoon.

Most of the evening was telly watching, finished off with watching “The return of the Goodies.” I wonder if in the new year they’ll suddenly start repeating the series.

As for the weather, it started with rain, which continued for most of the day. It cleared up at about 4pm with some brief sunshine. It’s now blowing a gale.

I got up “early”, ie. about half past 9, so as to pop into Helston to pay my Christmas cheques in. Whilst there I also bought a 3.5mm to 5mm jack plug convertor so as to connect my old HiFi which has a turntable to my laptop for the purpose of transfering my old records to CD.

In the afternoon my Dad and I got Skype running and managed to dial up my Uncle in Enfield. It took quite a while to get it working as my uncle had problems with his audio connections.

Later on I experimented with recording from LP. It worked, after a bit of tweeking. I just now need the time to do the recording properly and be able to set up my laptop in a convenient way.

Not a wholey eventful day. Basically, most of it was spent reading in the back bedroom warmed by the sunshine through the window.

The weather’s been cold but bright, which isn’t unpleasant.

It’s Boxing Day so my Mum, who’s been watching too much telly and hence has been seeing too many sales adverts, wants to go to the sales.

So as to calm her down we went off to Truro’s retail parks to browse the shops.

My Dad got a mouse and a pair of ear phones with a microphone for use with Skype from PC World’s sale.

As we were returning along the lane near the house we passed a couple walking their dog. Normally this wouldn’t be anything of note. However, the woman in this couple was Tory Amos.

Update: I’ve just realised that I’ve mis-spelt the name of the woman, it’s actually “Tori Amos” and not “Tory Amos.”

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.

I tried sending a e-mail last night just after midnighter to the “junk” and “soiree” lists hosted by Alec’s machine at work but the messages haven’t turned up. (Is Coyote down for Christmas, Alec?) So, this posting will have to suffice for the time being.

Not a lot happened.

I walked into the village to get some paracetamol just in case as my stocks were getting low. I also played Doom 3 again.

Not a wholey exiting day.

Got up at about 10:15, read my e-mail, checked the web. After my mum and dad returned from shopping we had lunch before my dad and myself walked up to the village shops and back again.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on laptop maintenance and playing Doom 3.

Nothing on telly as usual on a Friday except for The West Wing which I missed ‘cos I was too busy talking.