Well, that didn’t work out as planned.

This evening I had planned to go and see the latest Harry Potter film at one of the main cinemas in Oxford along with a friend, Paul. I had thought that seeing that the film’s been on release for more than a month now that there’d be no problem getting a ticket on the door. How wrong we were!

When we arrive we find notices plastered up all over the cinema “All showings today fully booked” with the names of all five films being shown at the cinema being listed.

The last time this happened I was told by the bored person on the ticket desk that the Oxford language schools had block-booked all the cinemas in Oxford as a going-away present for their students at the end of the their course. I’m guessing that’s what has happened again.

If you ask me, this is wholey anti-social.

Anyway, I’ve now still to see that film. Maybe I’ll just wait until it comes on Sky Premier in a couple of years or so.

So, to continue the story, we came back to my house (via Tesco’s for comestibles.. ok.. nibbles) and watched Shrek on DVD as he’d not seen it yet.

As for the other things today. I did manage to pick up a heatsink and fan for my Celeron 300A processor though it was a close call. ONly one stall had such a thing and that only had 3 of them in battered boxes. Oh, and it cost me 1 pound more to get into the computer fair than it did to buy the things I wanted. It cost me 7 pounds in total, so you can work out how much the entry fee was using simultanious equations.

I also ordered a new sofa bed to replace the two pine single beds in my spare room/guest room/machine room.

Anyway, the day’s not been a total loss, as you can see.