OK, I’ve not updated in a month.

I’ve not got around to updating this thing in the last month. It’s merely been laziness on my part, really.

What have I been up to then?

Well a couple of weeks ago I visited Steve and Leila Howe in Norwich. Lindsey also visited at the same time. The only thing of note which happened was that we got soaked in freezing rain on a beach near Cromer.

Today, I visited Bletchley Park with Jess and her friend Zoe. Other than rain later on in the afternoon, the weather behaved itself. You can see the pictures I took here. Some of the pictures were tricky in the low light levels inside as I didn’t want to use the flash and I couldn’t stand still enough. Doesn’t matter.

I took the opportunity to upload all the pictures I found on my laptop which I previously hadn’t put on my main machine. They’re mostly pictures from the Easter holiday.

Other than pleasure thingies, work’s been frantic and it’s likely to continue to be. Lots of “oh, we need you to do this by yesterday” things along with others where people are getting annoyed ‘cos their jobs are being pre-empted by the desparately critical jobs. Grrrr.