Hmm, let’s see.

It’s been about 2 weeks since I last posted on here. I guess a quick run-down of what’s been happening is in order.

Jess and I didn’t manage to sync our diaries to the point where we could go and see a film.

Out of the blue I got a phone call from Lindsey asking if I’d like to pop up to Liverpool to spend her parents money on a broadband router so as to set up her parents machines to share her cable modem, oh and to see her as well. So I toddled up on the Friday night, spent most of Saturday setting up wireless stuff and doing Windows Update on her Dad’s machine as well as trying for hours to recover from the installation of one of the security updates (KB891711) which nuked the machine before you could get to the point of removing the b’stard. (This update also caused massive problems for me on the librarian’s computer at work, but different symptoms.)

Saturday evening Lindsey and I saw Constantine.. not a bad film but reminded me of a meld of Dogma and Buffy with all the humour removed. Sunday started reasonably late before driving to Steve ???’s place for a roast dinner before driving home.

It was only then three days before I drove down to Cornwall to spend Easter with my parents. I also took the opportunity to mostly clear thier loft of my old computer equipment (which is now in my spare room until I can shunt it into the loft). I drove back on Tuesday through awful weather and awful traffic. Instead of the normal 4.5 hour journey it took 7 hours, amongst the very worst I’ve experienced on that route.

And so, I’m now back to work. Still, I have got Friday night to look forward to. Jess and I have managed to arrange to see Hostage at the Ozone Multiplex at last. It seems I’ve missed “A Life Aquatic” at the cinemas, oh well. Anyway, I’m not sure if you could class tomorrow night as a “date” as such but who knows what will happen, eh? I’m classing it as a night out with a woman friend, myself.

Another MEME.. Thanks, Grim!

izye told me that xencat told people that I got caught talking to susanc and backstabbing reverendgrim. Don’t let me hear about that again or I’m gonna kick some heads!

And also I gave everybody my wishlist of computer hardware for my birfday, but nobody bought me anything :-(.

Oh and I don’t know why gfrancie went all psycho over me and jillybean2001 having a little fun.

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So, what’s been happening?

Well, first of all, my new bike arrived. Other than it could do with a slightly smaller rear cog and/or a slightly bigger front cog and a design flaw on the rear light which means that it turns off every time I go over a bump (the batteries bounce, break contact and the light resets to the off condition) it’s hunky dory. The roller brakes are REALLY efficient and only need the lightest pressure to brake heavily. I did manage to break the chain a week ago, however, a week after I got the bike. As compensation for the mix-up over the frame type and the broken chain Trek UK sent me a new hi-tech helmet.

The weekend before last Jerry and Em came down to visit. Em was going to a “Creative Memories” annual get-together event which was held down the road at The Kazaam Stadium. It was really nice seeing them and their two daughters, Laura and Amy. My goodness, they’re growing up! Most of the weekend involved trips to the park, plus a rather nice visit from Howard and Alec on the Saturday evening. Jerry helped me set up the bike’s suspension on the Sunday as well. What a nice fella he is.

A week ago was the Oxford Polar Society annual dinner. It took place at Pierre Victoire in Little Clarendon Street and a good time was had by all.

On Saturday it was the Polar Society’s trip to the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge. Because of the relatively small numbers going (8) it was decided that instead of renting a minibus that two of us could drive the rest there and back. I was one of the volunteer drivers. I plotted the route which is the fastest and least congested I know, which involves going up to Northampton and then across on the A45 and the old A45, now the B645, which goes right past my old school, Kimbolton School. It’s a rather impressive place as its main building is Kimbolton Castle, where Catherine of Aragon died. One fly in the ointment of the journey was that while going passed the Wellingborough junction on the A45 I was concentrating on drivers doing silly things and missed the start of a 40mph limit due to roadworks. I only noticed the limit as I was exitting. I’m just hoping that there were no cameras.

The trip was fun with us drivers getting all the other expenses such as a greek meal, as payment for the petrol. After dropping off the people I’d taken (including a rather nice tasmanian zoologist called Jess) I finally got home at about midnight. Though I understand the other party who decided to go back via the M11/M25/M40 arrived back rather later.

Sunday was uneventful other than having time to rest. And so to this week. So far nothing, but there is a possibility of a night out at the cinema on Thursday (with Jess) and Lindsey’s asked if I can visit her in Liverpool this weekend (with the ulteria motive of getting me to fix their ADSL connection properly).