Weekendy type things

the weekend was not what I had envisaged mid-afternoon on Friday. However,
it was generally what I envisaged when Alec invited me over to help with
his gardening, except for the lack of post impaling.

Friday evening was spent trying to recover from Thursday night. ie. it was
quiet and chilled. I can’t exactly remember what I DID do but I didn’t do

Saturday morning was spent quickly getting the weekly shopping in Sainsbury’s.
It’s a whole lot of no fun, really. Still, I don’t have to worry too much
about thinking about what I need to get as much of it is habitual and automatic
these days.

So, it was off to Alec’s place in the afternoon. We weeded, we dug herbs
up and planted the same herbs elsewhere. (And I’ve just realised that I forgot
to pick up that mint root I’d put to one side to take home.) Food followed,
a nice roast vegitable and bacon toasted sandwich made from freshly baked
bread etc.. Thence it was on to watching last week’s Buffy & angel which
neither myself nor alec had seen due to other commitments.

Sunday started roughly at 9am.. or rather it should have been 8am, well according
to my biological clock it was, anyway. So, it was go downstairs, listen to
Broadcasting House on Radio 4 and drink some coffee. Wash, have breakfast
and then more gardening type stuff.. Well, mostly roughly pegging out where
Alec’s going to put his new bike shed.

Various other things happened, including sitting in the sun watching cats,
taking photos, going to Waitrose and knocking on Rachel, Graham and little
Christopher’s door and then going away again as they weren’t in.

Anyway, all this fun finished around 4pm as it was time to go home.

I got home thinking that my video was watching Time Team for me… but then
I realised with horror that it was still on GMT and so would be an hour out.
Time Team was already half way through by the time I got the telly on. Not
that it turned out to be that good an episode anyway.

I just slouched for the rest of the evening, still stuck on GMT in a BST world.

This morning it was SO hard to get out of bed!

At least the notification of my jury duty expenses came through the post
this morning.. £28. Not bad for three week’s not work (on top of my
normal salary).