Jury Duty day 13

Today’s fun was listening to 6 speeches by the barristers… Yes, it took all day!

At 3:40 when the last one finished the judge said he’d start his one tomorrow
morning at 10am. Hopefully this means that tomorrow will be the last day
as directly after the judge’s summing up and direction on the law we will
go into deliberation.

Of course, then we have the problem of picking a foreman before trawling
through the evidence and coming up with a verdict for each of the defendants
and for each of the indictments. Still, we SHOULD be finished by the
end of tomorrow. If we don’t then we’ll have to continue Friday. I don’t
know if we’d have to spend the night in a hotel in that case.

I’m now waiting at work for a hob-nobbing session with a committee overviewing
the report into how our department works for reasons of funding. At least
it will be free food.