Jury service.. Day two.

I can tell you all about this as I’ve not actually become a juror in a case yet… Read on…

Well, I can sum things up with a description one of the other potential jurors said..

    It’s like a game of snakes and ladders.

Well, what he was talking about was the way that no-one seems to get to the
point where they become a juror. Lots of people get to a certain point up
the board before the bit reset button happens and you’re back to stage one
again, sitting pergatory awaiting the call for higher things.

My case in point today was sitting around until 10:30 when I was told, along
with 14 other people that I’d been picked for a trial in court 3 this afternoon
and that I could go awya and come back at 13:45. That all sounded promising.

At 1:45 I sit down, read my book again. 2:30, the court usher for court 3
comes in and says that “as you all know already, the jury for court 3 has
been changed and some of you have been told you can go home. ” At which point
there was a general reply of “Oh no we haven’t.” At which point the usher
appologies and says that she’d been told that we’d been informed just after
2pm and she’d find out what was going on.

Anyway, at about 2:50 one of the court officers comes in and appologies and
says that those who were picked this morning can all go home as we’re not
needed, other than 4 volunteers which are needed for stand-by. Three silly
people volunteer and another is volunteered… I go.

Exciting, eh?

Well, I’ve finished the first book. I’ll find another to take tomorrow.