Jury duty: Day 9

What can I say?

Well, as usual, there was lots of waiting. At least the judge appologised saying that in this case there had been rather more points of law raised than is usual which meant that we had to go out of the court room a great deal.

I got a question passed to the judge for him to ask the witness.. which he duly did.

This evening I’ve gone to Sainsbury’s to buy extra groceries ready for Em, Jerry (_jander_) and little Laura’s visit. I’ve also dysoned the whole house, done all the washing up and set up the sofabed in bed mode and made it.

Now I can just sit back and relax a bit before bedtime. I’ve currently got Gary Numan & the Tubeway Army’s live album “Living Ornaments’79” on the hifi whilst my video records Buffy and Angel for viewing after my visitors leave on Sunday.