Jury Duty day 11

Well, we were asked to get to the court by 09:40 so as to be in court by 09:45 for an early start.

Well, We were all there.. There was a phone call.. “Don’t come down, we’ll phone you when we’re ready.” Fifty minutes later, at about half ten we got a phone call to go down stairs.. which we all did. We sat down there in the jury waiting room for about 5 minutes until the court usher came in and told us to not bother and go back upstairs again.. which we did.

We finally got into court at about 11:10. By 12:10 we were out and off for the rest of the day as the judge had other business to attend to.

So, having been released for the rest of the day i wandered back to the department via Felson’s baguette shop. As I entered the department I bumped into Jen, one of the 3rd year undergrads who’d done strange things to thier hair for Red Nose Day. She told me that the other person, Cian (pronounced K-ee-an) was up in the UG computer room and that I REALLY should see his hair.. so I did.

His hair was a sight to see. Half the left side of his head was shaven, the right dyed red. The left side of the beard was still there but the right was shaven. Jen and Cian, together, have managed to raise 1300 pounds in sponsorship. Quite a good sum, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Whilst up in the UG computer room one of the other 3rd years around at the time with whom I’ve been befriend at happy hour came up and asked if I was going downstairs for lunch. I was, so we both went outside into the lovely warm sunshine. Others joined us. T’was a pleasant lunch break.

The afternoon was taken up with normal work things.. doing some of those more important things which have been hanging around while I’ve been doing other things.

This evening I’ve cooked the nice Sainsbury’s Ultimate Cumberland Chipolata sausages I didn’t use over the weekend, eating half of their number along with peas and the remaining batch of the miniture new potatos I’d bought on Sunday. Yummy.

Later I watched Enterprise which was a little dull (as usual) and very derivative (as usual). Indeed, it was almost a re-run of the old Next Generation episode called Damok. (If you’re wondering, I’ve got about 5 Star Trek videos and Damok is one of the episodes on one of them which I didn’t buy it for. I don’t know all the names of all the episodes. I’m not quiet that sad. ;-))

Anyway, 09:55 start at court tomorrow, hopefully. So, bed soon.