Head stuff

Ouch, I have a headache and can’t get rid of the thing.

I would have liked to have gone to Sleipnir_ and his brother’s birthday bash in London but I had to do some things around here this morning which meant I’d be rather late getting there. Add to that this headache and you get a combination of things which conspire against it.

On other matters…

Last night, at the departmental happy hour, I was talking to some 3rd year undergrads as they were reminising about playing with old computers. It’s surprising that these people were born about 21 years ago, ie. about the same time as the ZX81 and ZX Spectrum were coming out and yet they are still nostalgic about ZX Spectrums, BBC micros and Commodore 64’s, having played with them when they were young. They had the same sort of nostalgia about them as I do. 🙂

Oh, and can you guess the “game” they unanimously hated…. The Logo language! They found spending hours telling a triangle to move around the screen pintless and boring… That was pretty much my take on logo too.