Well, it’s 3am and I’m now paying for all the Anadin Extra tablets I took for my headache and the instant coffee I washed them down with at 6pm last night.

The headache finally went at about 10:30pm… and that’s when the caffiene kicked in.. and it’s still going.

I can feel that I’m tired underneath but at the moment I’m so AWAKE and ALERT. I wish I could just sleep. Aaaaargh!

I’ve been flipping channels on the telly and at one point, I think it was at about 1am something on Channel 5 was playing “Love is a Battlefield” and I can’t remember who sang it.. it’s been bothering me ever since. I keep thinking Laura Branigan but I know it’s not.. Aaaaargh!

At least I’m just ALERT and AWAKE rather than being jittery. Thank goodness for little mercies.