Boring lot!

Well, it’s Wednesday and seeing as I’m off jury duty there’s not a great deal to talk about.

Yesterday, when going into town to pay those bills I’d not got around to
paying whilst on jury duty, I passed the Magdalen Road Odeon cinema and saw
that this Friday (28th March) they’re showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show
and that it was to be introduced by Richard O’Brien himself.

When I got back to the department I decided to e-mail a number of the people
around here to see if any would like to go along. I’ve never actually got
around to going to one of these showings though I almost did a couple of
year ago when I was going to visit a friend in Liverpool to do so but family
things on her end got in the way so I never went. (She suggested that I wear
a lab coat, fishnets, high heels and not a lot else, by the way.)

Anyway, the responce to this posting was not encouraging. of the few people
who replied a number said that it wasn’t their thing but hoped I would have
a good time, some more merely said that they weren’t going to be around on
Friday, one said that she’d not be around but wanted to see photos of my
costume if I did.

Anyway, as no-one else wants to go and it’s probably sold out by now anyway and
I don’t have anything kinky to wear, I guess that wraps it up. I’m not going
to even bother thinking of going now. You have to be in a group to go to
one of these showings, in my opinion. It’s a sort of group humiliation fun
type thing. Going on your own dressed up is just sad and a little on the
dodgy side.