Jury duty: Day 4.

Well, after getting to the courts at the correct time, 10:25am we 12 jurors sat around for another hour and a bit twiddling thumbs whilst certain things we can’t know about happened.

Anyway, we did get into court before lunch and witnessed the defence lawyers pull the witless witness’ story apart. I half felt for the fella. But only half. The second witness of the day, in the afternoon was far brighter.

It was fun watching the defence lawyers stalking their prey and ripping them to shreds. It was almost like watching Wildlife on One and the lawyers were a pride of lions eyeing up the wilderbeast.

I’m afraid this is all the detail I’m going to go into. I’m not going to say if I ultimately believe anything the witnesses said or not. etc.

Anyway, we all got out of the court at about 4pm.

As we left, we saw on the corner of the road that there was a bit of an accident. It wasn’t until we got a bit closer did we find that it was a coach which had run over a bicycle.. it looked a mess.. I tried not to look. 🙁

One of the other jurors said, “Oh, not another one. The same thing happened only a couple of weeks ago.”

Well, that’s enough of today. I’m back at home writing this on my laptop waiting for the news to come on at 6pm. This evening’s delights include cooking two bits of pork, eating one of them and watching Buffy and Angel on Sky One.

Oh, and if you’re reading this, Alec, I taped last weeks as you requested and have it on an SVHS tape.