Quite a leasurely start to the day due to a poor sleep overnight.

After lunch it was off to Falmouth so as to go on a boat trip down to the Helford river and back again. Originally, the plan had been to do this on Monday but the weather wasn’t up to it. Today the weather was surprisingly good, better than forecast as the clouds broke. Hence the decision at lunchtime to take the trip today.

Unlike the previous time we took the trip, about 15 years ago, the boat didn’t hug the coast from Pendennis Point over to the mouth of the Helford River but cut straight across the bay. Even so, the trip took almost 2.5 hours in total, which isn’t bad for £8.

I didn’t do much this evening, though I did notice that “Babylon 5: Crusade” has started playing on the SciFi Channel so I watched the first episode. It’s a pitty that they haven’t got the rights to the pilot film, “A Call To Arms.”

Having seen St.Mawes castle from the upper deck of the boat this afternoon we may go there tomorrow. We’ve never visited it before.