What can I say about today other than it was wet?

Well, I got up quite late for a start. After lunch I helped my dad replace the telly I gave them about a year ago with the 28″ widescreen one they acquired from my uncle and nan’s house. It was a package they bought about 18 months ago or less containing the JVC telly, DVD, and S-VHS video recorder.

It took about an hour or so to move the old cabinet out of the way and fully cable up the boxes and configure them. It’s annoying that the telly still only has RGB input on one SCART input. I had to put the DVD onto one of the S-Video inputs, as I did the video recorder.

Other than that I tried out my new headphones as they had finally fully charged. The sound quality’s good… As long as there’s no RF interference, which seems to be a slight problem, even when you’re using the headphones right next to the transmitter.