After a leasurely start due to my mum having a doctor’s appointment to check on the recovery of her face from a bought of shingles, we all went off to Newquay to visit the Blue Reef Aquarium.

Although the stuff on show was quite interesting, there wasn’t as much to it as I would have expected from the leaflet. What I did come away with was the knowledge that skates and rays love to watch people. They came to the surface of the open pool they were in, swam to where people were standing and gazed at them in the same sort of way begging dogs do, with as soulful eyes as any fish can give. They’d just sit there on the surface, eyes out of the water and beg. OK, after a while they’d move on to the next possible food source, but it shows that they’re not as dumb as many people may think.

On the way back we popped into a cider farm at which my dad picked up a couple of litres of cider and some strawberry wine. When we got home he suggested that I try a little of the wine as it “just tasted of strawberries.” Well, to me all I could taste was alcohol.. OK, after about five minutes after the sip and after the disgusting taste of the ethanol had disappated I did get a slight aftertaste of strawberry.

Didn’t do much during the evening other than watch “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” on DVD.