Well, it started Friday night with a trip to Reading to meet up with Grim, Holly and Matt to see a film, any old film.. it just happened to be “The Day After Tomorrow.” Before that, however, we had a very pleasant meal in Yellow River Cafe.

As for the film.. very silly, scientifically speaking, but still quite fun. It was good to see Denis Quaid in a proper starring role again. (Oh and did you notice that the person playing the female scientist of asian decent was the actress who played the original lieutenant commander in the pilot tv-movie of Babylon 5 “The Gathering”? I thought you didn’t.)

Yesterday and today have mostly been spent trying to shake off this horrid cold and do the housebound things I’ve been meaning to do for ages. These included replacing the motherborad, processor and memory of my old server (Celeron 300A, ABit BX6 motherboard, PC100 memory) with the left-overs from my big machine’s upgrades (Athlon XP 1800 , Jetway KT133 motherboard and DDR2700 memory). This I did yesterday afternoon. The slowest part of the machine now is the hard disk which is a 7 year old 6GB Seagate drive. It’ll do as a SMB-to-NFS gateway and possibly even a web server which can run Gallery at some point. You never know.

Today’s task was to wipe the hard disk on my old laptop, re-install the OS from the supplied recovery disk, update windows so it’s up to date and load useful stuff such as OpenOffice.org and ZoneAlarm on it. It’s now ready for sale to Rachel, the ex-4th year undergraduate.

Anyway, this evening I find myself sitting on the settee with a headache mostly dulled by Lemsip and a partly runny nose. Maybe by tomorrow it will be on its way out. At least the sore throat has gone totally so I can swallow.