Not a terribly exciting day today. It’s surprising how long preparing to wash the car can take, especially when you don’t have the correct stuff to begin with.

It started this morning with a trip into Helston to get a woollen pad for doing the actual washing. I asked my dad if he had enough car shampoo. He replied that he did, though he thought I was talking about wax polish. Hence, I didn’t buy the soap.

After getting home, having lunch and failing to get “Black & White” to run on my laptop I started getting ready to wash the car. I set out the hose, got the bucket ready and then asked where the shampoo was.. Which was when the misunderstanding came to light.

At least this gave an opportunity for a brisk walk up the village to the local garage.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, my car is now washed.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, a nice walk is planned, probably around The Lizard somewhere.