This morning I had to help my dad take his car to be serviced in Helston. This meant that I had to get up at just gone 8am. I could really have done with an extra couple of hours in bed.

I’ve been thinking for some weeks about getting some new headphones as the ones I have at home have far too short a cable to use with my laptop and the old ones I have here are uncomfortable after a while of use as they rest on the ear and aren’t well padded. Anyway, when we got back from the garage I had a look in the Argos catalogue. After looking at a number of the wired headphones I had a thought about how useful it would be to have wireless ones as then I could use them with my HiFi at home. Having mentioned this while sitting on the sofa it was changed by my dad from an aspiration to being, “Oh let’s get our coats on and be off then.” The upshot is that I now have a nice set on Sennheiser wireless headphones and a cheap pair of on the ear phones.

I had wanted a pair of cheap in-the-ear phones for use on the move with my laptop but all the ones but these Philips ones were out of stock. Still these Philips ones were half price, about £4. They’re not brilliant but for £4 they’re do.

Right, enough writing for tonight, time for bed.