Games and otehr things.

Yesterday evening and a lot of today I’ve been playing “Return to Castle wolfenstein” after seeing it on sale for £10 at the “Game” shop within Debenhams yesterday morning. Hmm.. not a bad 1st person shooter. very much a single thread through the levels though and quite tricky in places. It still has the drawback of having “basses” at the end of a number of levels. The whole thing reminds me a great deal of te original Quake, even a lot of the sounds are the same. The background music seems to have come directly from “Freespace 2” and was again lifted for use in “Unreal 2” later. I think the composer must be rolling in it by now.

As for other things, my cold is mostly gone. however, I still have the same degree of gloopy snot as i had a few days ago and it’s not getting any better. Not only this but the cough I had has got worse. It’s a phlemy cough which is worrying. At te end of a cold the cough should go away, not get worse. OK, it’s still only about one cough an hour, in general, though a few days ago it was only a couple of coughs a day.

Anyway, enough of the medical stuff. This week is the last one ’til I’m off on my summer hols. It’s also the week that the department (ie. the administrator and myself) decide who’s the lucky company who will be allowed to sell us the new undergrad PCs. Oh, and there are a couple of Linux machines to rebuild.