New boiler day… maybe.

Well, I got up at 6:30am, showered and got the house ready for the installers, who arrived at about 8:30am.

After much time on the phone to British Gas the installers informed me that the parts were never actually ordered, which is why they didn’t turn up on Saturday. They’re currently sitting outside my hous ein thier vans waiting to be told if there’s a boiler in the area availble for them to pck up and install. Seeing as it’s been over a hour since the last update it’s not looking good.

Update: 11:50am: Well, work’s started. One of the vans went off and has now returned with parts, the system’s been drained and the old boiler is a pile of mangled metal on the front grass.

Update: 5:34pm: The installers left about three quarters of an hour ago and… I HAVE A WORKING BOILER!!! Woohoo! Well, I didn’t think that was going to happen at lunchtime. Even the installers were pleased about how well it went after they actually got the parts. The builder who came to fill the old flue hole has done a very nice job as well.