Easter-07: Day 4

A pretty quiet day really.

I planned to give my new car its first wash (Ihad to leave it at least a week to allow the protective coating to bond to the surface) and so got my dad’s high-pressure washer out and looked for the shampoo. Well, I couldn’t find any shampoo for a start and even worse, after about 2 minutes one of the bearings in the compressor unit seized. So my car was wet but the only thing I’d managed to do was move the clingy, fine, red  sahara dust around the paintwork a bit.

Oh well, so we had a trip down to B&Q in Penryn where I bought a chamois leather and some car shampoo and my dad bought a replacement pressure washer.

And so, I now have a nice, clean, shiny car again and it’s not at all pinkish in colour.

As for the weather, it was slightly cooler than yesterday but the wind was slightly less strong and the continuous hazy sunshine brought the temperature up to the mid-teens (or low 60’sF for those still using imperial measurements :-)).