Delivery fun.

Well, this morning I’ve been told to expect the delivery of all the stuff required to replace my boiler on Monday. Knowing this I got up before the time that I was told the delivery window started.

I’ve managed to do the two jobs I could do while waiting, the washing up and washed my car but now I just have to sit and wait… and wait. There’s less than an hour of the morning left and there’s still no sign. I wasn’t really told when the delivery window would end so do I sit like a lemon, caged in my house with no provisions (as I can’t get to the supermarket) until it goes dark tonight?

Update: 14:22: Still no sign.
Update: 16:27: Nope, still not here and I’m starving since I’ve no food in the house for lunch.
Update: The delivery never did turn up in the end so at 6pm I drove down to Sainsbury’s and the seige was finally lifted.