Easter-07: Day 3

After a lazy morning we drove over to Godrevy as planned yesterday. The weather was lovely, very warm for the time of year (about 20C according to the car’s thermometer) and the Sun was shining. The only fly in the ointment was the wind, it was very gusty and almost gale force it seemed.

My Dad and I both took our cameras with us and I took my big lens.

As hoped, there were a large number of young seals lazing down in the secluded cove below the eastern cliffs. I managed to get some reasonable shots despite the wind. Even laying down and using the image stabilisation it was hard to get a good shot as the camera and lens were being buffeted so strongly by the wind.

This evening I helped my Dad load Nikon PictureProject onto his machine and download the images from, what is now, his D70. (I’ve sold my old camera to him along with the Sigma 28-300mm lens which is best suited to a lower megapixel camera than the D200.)