A lazy day.

Most of the morning spent in bed listening to the radio.

Most of the afternoon and evening playing “Colin McRae Rally 04” on my laptop.

Though while waiting for dinner I watched the episode of Earth Story with the amazing, magical hand lens which allows Aubry Manning to view a rock as if it had been cut up, placed onto a slide and put under a polarising microscope. It was also the episode where Simon Lamb is shown lecturing GCSE level plate techtonics to bored postgrades (such a Suman Chowdury and Fiona Reid) who had been roped in during the filming. It also showed the old head of department suite of rooms which are now just admin offices. How things have changed in the 7 years since the programme was made. Of course, in a few years tine, when the department has moved into new premises, all this will be historical record. Or should that be hysterical record?