Well, I think summer’s here.

Phew, what a scorcha!

It’s a bit too hot for me, and my home server as you can see by these graphs. It’s a good thing I installed the two extra case fans when I rebuilt it on Sunday using the parts displaced from my games machine when I upgraded that a while back. OK, so it makes a huge racket, but at least it should survive the summer.

Now, what else have I been up to?

Well, last night I went out to the MyVue cinema in Reading with Grim and Holly to see “Batman Begins,” which is a really good film. It was a bit of a dash beforehand to get food but we made it by aborting waiting for Nando’d and going to Wagamuma(sp?) instead, where Grim’s meal almost didn’t appear.

One of the trailers (only one?) looked quite naff and very derivative: take Top Gun, Terminator, Jaws and Short Circuit, place in blender, remove all plot, blend for 5 minutes and you have: Stealth. I think I’ll avoid that one.

Other news, I got myself a new lens in preparation for my holiday and especially the RNAS Culdrose Air Day next Wednesday. The lens is one of these Sigma 28mm-300mm zoom lenses. I managed to find it on-line from the Swindon branch of the camera shop I go into in Witney, T4 Cameras for the same price as I could have got it straight from Hong Kong via eBay, ie. about £175 including delivery, which was far less than the SRP. OK, so it’s a “cheap” lens and the focus ring feels like a pepper mill when you turn it but it should do the job and I couldn’t afford the £800+ it would have cost for an equivalent “good” lens.

Anyway, this is my last day at work, I’m not going to do anything to the systems at all in case I break something, so it’s going to be a user support day only.