Air day madness.

I went to the RNAS Culdrose Air Day today. I’ll give a fuller update when I get home, but the edited highlights are:

Even though I wore a hat and other protective clothing I still got caught by the sun on my face and neck.

I took almost 800 photographs!

I told you, madness!

It was Culdrose Air Day…

Before going out, as it was the day that Mullion officiially became available for ADSL, I helped my Dad sign up with Tiscali for their 512K service. The only problem is that Tiscali give a 15 day lead time which means that by the time the system is up and going I’ll be at home and my Dad will have to try to sort out the connection himself. This could prove difficult with the combination of the ethernet modem and router as I can’t remember how I had to set the combination when it was at home.

We left home at about 08:45 and got to the air station at about 9am. I was expecting to have to queue up and wait as officially the gates didn’t open until 09:30. However, we went straight in and got a parking place on the grass on the edge of the air field, a perfect position for watching all the aircraft land and much of the show.

I enjoyed the day, taking nearly 800 photographs. I did find the slow (and eratic) auto focus on the Sigma lens annoying though and I wish I could find a way of cleaning the dust from the camera’s sensor. Maybe if I can find a can of high pressure I can do it without sending the camera body back to Nikon.

Anyway, dispite wearing a full sleeve jacket and baseball cap I’ve managed to get a bit sun burnt. Not only this but because for a while I had to tun the cap around backwards to stop it blowing off in the strong wind (which also made aiming the camera at the planes difficult) I’ve got a burnt in the shape of the gap between the adjustment strap and the body of the cap.

Anyway, at least many of the photos came out well, especially some of the Red Arrows and of the Royal Jordanian Air Force display team.

Time for bed.