Of iPods and parties.

My updates here are getting sparser and sparser. never mind.

Well, I’ve had a social life recently. OK, not a busy one but one all the same. There’s been a couple of occasions where I’ve needed to use my cameras for departmental events and a couple of BBQs.

After getting my PC hooked up to my HiFi and loading all my CDs into iTunes I’ve found that I need more CDs. This has been compounded by buying myself a 1GB iPod Shuffle at the same time as buying one for a friend’s birthday present. I got five new CDs in the HMV/Virgin sales on Saturday. I’m going to try to withhold from buying more for a while though.

As for the iPod Shuffle. I’m impressed by the sound quality and the size. It’s a marvel of miniturisation! Sir Clive Sinclair would love it. It reminds me a bit of his first product, the matchbox radio.

Only 1.5 weeks now ;til I’m off on my hols! Yippee.