Got up at about 10am, ordered parts for my Dad’s PC (hard disk, Windows XP, IDE cable and ADSL filters), went to Helston and paid in the chaeque he gave me to pay for the bits.

After lunch I tried to remove some dust from my D70’s sensor but just made it worse.

We then popped down to Gunwalloe, Church Cove and took a bit of a walk around the place taking pictures. However, my Mum was starting to wander and possibly get herself into hazardous situations so my Dad ans I decided to curtail our visit. It’s difficult these days to be able to do things with my Mum’s mental state. I’m just wondering how she’ll cope at the air day on Wednesday.

I didn’t do a great deal after we got back other than re-discover why I gave up upon one game (I’d got stuck) and discover that another I’d got in a 3 for 2 deal doesn’t work well on a laptop as it needs all the keyas on an extended AT keyboard for the controls.