Well, it was the last full day down here in Cornwall for this visit.

The weather’s been mixed. This morning it was quite fine and mostly sunny, though the wind made it too cold to stay too long outside. However, it soon clouded over and by mid to late afternoon it was wet.

The iffy weather and the lack of anything else to do gave the opportunity to continue with Deus Ex. In fact it gave me the opportunity to actually finish it! I worked out that it took me 48 hours of continuous play to do so.

This evening I packed all the technical stuff into the bag and got everything ready for the morning. Well, all except the bag for my clothed with I’ll pack in the morning. It’s likely to take no more than about 10 minutes anyway.

The plan for tomorrow is to leave at around 10am and travel in convoy up to Sedgemoor services and have lunch. Afterwards I’ll go off a little ahead so as to have some time to clear my spare bedroom and unpack the car before my parents arrive.