It seems that my uncle Bob’s operation went well. They removed his leg half way down his calf. He survived the operation itself, which was the biggest worry, however, he’s not out of the woods yet. It currently looks like he has renal problems and will be looked at by a specialist soon.

As for my day, as the weather wasn’t too brilliant, I spent most of it watching my DVDs of the first season of Babylon 5. Unfortunately, my parents’ DVD player crashed every time I tried to play the commentry special feature for “Signs and Portents.”

I did pick up the photos from Boots this morning. As it turns out, the first half of the film contained pictures from Cropredy ’02 and the last half from a visit to a National Trust house last year when I tried to use up all the film. Unfortunately, not only did this seem to be poor film stock which was probably way out of date but also Boots’ printers are low resolution. The upshot of this was that many of the prints have purple bands along the top and bottom edges and every one of the pictures have a rather obvious speckled, multicolour grain to them.