Today has been blighted by a sinus headache which started last night. I ran out of paracetamol when I took the last one, a half dose, last night before I went to bed which wasn’t enough to get rid of the headache. Hence, I had a rather fitful and not very restful sleep.

This, plus the continuation of the headache or the other effects of the swollen sinuses made the day a bit of a wash out. The weather also didn’t help as that was a wash out as well.

What I did do, however, was to do a bit of shopping including buying more paracetamol.

Also, this evening I rummaged through a drawn containing a whole lot of stuff which has been in that draw since about 1985 looking for my geological map of the Lizard peninsula. Instead of finding that map I found a few others, loads of photos and, more importantly, my old (expired) passport. This should make the process of getting a new one a whole lot less problematic. I hope the passport office allow me to keep the old one as it was one of the last of the classic blue-black ones.