After a pretty uneventful morning we went out to Kennack Sands. Initially all three of us went for a walk along the beach but my mum decided that the paths were too much for her, so she returned to the car.

This left my dad and myslef to walk over the hill separating the two coves and then on to the cliffs at the far end which looked to me rather like the contact between the pyroxinite and the serpentinite (peridotite altered by hydration reactions) but it just turned out to be more highly weathered pyroxinite.

While I was looking at the outcrop and explaining the stuff to my dad a bloke came over and said that it sounded as if I knew a bit about this sort of stuff. I told him that I had a degree in geology and a conversation insued. It turned out that he was a math teacher from the west midlands.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, after the conversation we walked back to the car park via a circuitous route.

After tea, again there was nothing on telly so it was back to Deus Ex. I was wrong yesterday about being near the end. However, tonight I’ve got to the point where I have to battle Walton Simons, a similarly enhanced person. This seems like the beginning of the end game.