Today I visited Meriel and Chris over at Carleen.

When I started the car to go over there my suspicions about the turbo going bad which I’ve had for a while were unfortunately proved correct. A plume of blue smoke was blown out of the exhaust and the engine ran roughly for about 30 seconds after starting as the oil which had seeped into the turbo got blown out. It looks like another big bill is on the way. This will be the second replacement turbo since the car was new. The previous one was fitted precisely two years ago, when the car was 18 months old. I think I kight have to budget for a new turbo every other Easter. (I’m guessing that a combination of winter and the pattern of driving I do is showing up some sort of design flaw.)

As for the visit to Meriel and Chris went, it was a good long chatting session. Meriel’s dad was visiting them and so I tried to keep the tech talk down to minimal levels.

With thw end of today that effectively ends my Easter break as it’s the last work day off.