Weekend update

Well, it was a busy end to last week followed by a busy weekend.

My parents arrived Thursday afternoon. This was fine. Their car didn’t break down this time which was good.

Friday, I can’t remember what I did.

Saturday morning started with a trip down to Richer Sounds to see about updating
my DVD player. The first one I bought, nearly 18 months ago, was basically
a test to see if I liked the format. The one I chose on Saturday I thought
would last me a while as it could handle DVD-Audio and a variety of other
formats plus progressive scan. Anyway, the upshot is that although it does
have all the features and does have a very nice display, the audio output
is a bit on the horrid side. It’s slightly clipped, lacks bass and is a lot
worse than the quality of the DVD player I had before, which was £30
cheaper. The DVD player in question is the Limit DVD9900SE. I s’pose that
if I had an external Dolby Digitial/DTS decoder it would be fine, but that
would defeat the point of having one internally. I think I may take the machine
back to Richer Sounds on Saturday to get an exchange under their 14 day satisfaction

Saturday afternoon saw my aunt and uncle from Enfield, north London, visiting.

Sunday involved a 125 mile trip up to Derbyshire to see my nan and uncle,
a number of hours being blasted by their telly as they are pretty deaf (who
said that it was only young people who made a lot of noise) followed by the
journey home. By the end of the day I was shattered.

Monday was spent buying Nipon ant destroyer and laying traps for the ants…
who then totally ignored the stuff and build a sand tunnel around it. These
are intelligent ants, not fooled by sweet poisons.

So you see, not much excitement, really